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About Terrier






In Information Retrieval, experience has shown that having a system that allows large-scale experimentation to be conducted in a robust, transparent, and platform-independent way, without constraints, is important.

Terrier originated from a framework initially developed by Gianni Amati. Since then, more people became actively involved in extending and optimising this framework. Terrier has been used for conducting fruitful experimentation, with excellent outcome, allowing for a better understanding of theoretical Information Retrieval.

For a description of the architecture of Terrier, the applications it has been used for, and performance figures, you may download a recent description of the Terrier retrieval system.

The name Terrier stands for Terabyte Retriever and reflects the aim of the framework for experimentation with large-scale document collections. The logo is a scottish terrier, bred in Scotland as a fierce hunter of foxes and badgers








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