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I.D.s and Licenses

Make sure your service animals and pets have I.D. tags with both your home telephone number and that of a your primary out-of-town contact person. Make sure your animal's license is current.

Animal Care Plan

Plan how your pets will be cared for if you have to evacuate. Pets, in contrast to service animals, may not be allowed in emergency shelters due to health regulations, so have some animal shelters identified. Contact your local Red Cross chapter or state office of emergency management for guidance.

Establish relationships with other animal owners in your neighborhood so in case you are not home, someone will be able to help your animal.

Alternate Mobility Cues

Pets and service animals may become confused, panicked, frightened or disoriented during and after a disaster. Keep them confined or securely leashed or harnessed. A leash (or harness) is an important item for managing a nervous or upset animal. Be prepared to use alternative ways to negotiate your environment.















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